My Java™-programs with source code:

OlivaMailset of the java e-mail solutions (Webmail/GUI/CLI/Core);
SB-DBA-ORAjava GUI administration tool for the Oracle databases;
sb-bimgbatch image processing utility;
sb-cmpbinary file compare utility;
sb-finderutility to search image files from saved html pages;
sb-ldifbatch ldif files processing utility;
sb-mediaprimitive media center with LIRC support;
sb-pingping utility with sound;
sb-recodertool for the text files recoding with UTF-8 support;
sb-viewerlinear cross-directory image viewer utility with LIRC support;
sb-wgetconsole program to retrive pages and files from internet.

      My Java™-programs for mobile phones (J2ME, MIDP2.0):

AreaCodesprogram for Russian Federation's auto code/region searching.

      Common rules working with programs